Salt water fishing

There is nothing like having a 40 lb king salmon at the end of your of your line pulling so hard that its all you can hold on for dear life. I mean that literally because my dad would kill me if I let his rod and reel go over board (again

Fishing in the pacific ocean is another sport in its self. Launching your boat can take hours as they use a trolley to get your boat in the water. Once your boat is in the water your good to go. Leave it in the water, use a water taxi to come and go from the pier.

Now would be a good to take a Dramamine for motion sickness.

I took 2 along with a 6 pack my first time out. DON’T DO THAT.!!!

If you think you might need it take 1 pill, leave the beer at home, take some food and plenty of water.

Salmon fishing in the pacific.