Ghost Train

Trains in the nighth My wife and I live in an old house that her grand daddy Johnson built in 1946, Donna Johnson Mayville and I have lived here since 2002. We can sometimes hear the sounds of the trains rolling through the night and imagine MR. L A Johnson (grand daddy) blowing the horn.

Sometimes I can feel a sudden breeze on my shoulder as if someone just walked by with a coat or robe brushing against me. At night lying in bed its like someone is shaking the the foot of the bed. I feel down by my legs, nothing. I get up, turn on the lights, agian, nothing, look under the bed expecting to find a dog or a cat I go back to bed, I hear a soft tune with a song, can’t make out the words but it was very soothing. I say with a smile, thanks grand daddy.Then I hear the train blow its horn. Toot toot tooot.

on my way home